Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Marc Stock of HB&A Architects will be coming to the end of long application process for his project in Temecula, CA.

Stock's Planning Application No. PA04-0543, a Development Plan, os a proposed one-story 17,378 sauare foot concrete tilt-up office and warehouse buildina, located on the east side of Del Rio Road, approximately 150 feet
south of Calle Cottez Road, in Temecula, CA.

This is a good example of how long commercial real estate development can go on. His projects application's date of completion: October 4, 2004, and he has a Mandatory Action Deadline Date: September 6, 2006.

The project proposes to design and construct a single-story service commercial building
totaling 18,209 square feet. Due to the long, linear shape of the property, the project's site
design was constrained.

The proposed architecture includes smooth concrete with concrete detailing around the entries. The staff report states that the applicant uses color variation in hues of gold, marble, and grey to break up the building mass.

The building includes 6 to 18 feet wide recessed entries and painted steel canopies extending out four feet on the east, west, and south elevations. The building provides adequate roofline variation by providing a decorative cornice both on the lower entries and on the ridgeline. The entries of the building are further enhanced with decorative lighting to complete the look of the sleek, classic architecture that the building represents.

The pedestrian walkway (this is required by ADA) located in front of
the building along Rio Nedo will be architecturally enhanced with a decorative wrought iron
hand rail and decorative concrete ramp.

Huge new Condo project delayed in Temecula

The City of Temecula will recommend to delay indefinitely the DR Horton project to develop and construct over 250 condos and affordable housing units in Temecula at tomorrow nights meeting of the Planning Commision. This project was continued from the July 5, 2006 meeting.

The Tentative Tract Map, Development Plan, and Conditional Use Permit. submitted bv Lindsav Quackenbush representinq DR Horton, for the development and construction of 292 condominium residential units includinq 29 affordable housina units com~risina of 189 tri-plex units in 63 buildings, 25 five-plex units in 5 buildinqs. 78 six-plex units in 13 buildinqs, located on the northeast corner of Pechanqa Parkwav and Loma Linda Road

Director of Planning Ubnoske stated that the applicant has requested additional time to prepare
for the hearing; and therefore, staff would recommend that Item No. 3 be continued off calendar.