Thursday, August 27, 2009

Permit Place PM's will be in La Mirada, CA and Commerce, CA building departments. Let us know if you need us to check on a project for you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Permit Place will be submitting and attending plan checks in Los Angeles, West Covina and Torrance.
Fort Myers FL cuts 10 employees from Building, Permit and Inspection Department. ...
HALF MOON BAY, CA hearing on a Coastal Development Permit and Use Permit for a SFR
Molokai, HI draft bill to permit affordable accessory dwelling units on lots of 6,000 sq ft...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Stearns Bank, National Association, St. Cloud, Minnesota, Assumes All of the Deposits of ebank Atlanta, Georgia
Testing posts from Ping to Facebook
Durango, CO Twin Buttes developers fill in blanks
Present project update to city, public
Philadelphia, PA Residents upset over township zoning regulations
Oakland, CA Controversial Blackhawk development plan could resurface
Jacksonhole WY Council considers zoning change for higher density on South Millward
Biloxi, MS could increase boat slip fees, building permit fees, or even water bills.
Conlon,SC waives business license and building permit fees
Fort Collins,CO Building permit fees off by 9 percent from projections.
Conway, SC uses building permits as incentives to attract business. If a business owner sets up shop in a building that has been vacant for at least three months in downtown Conway, their building permit fees and business ...
Commercial recovery 2-3 years off, Insider Q & A told OCRegister - Santa Ana,CA,USA In addition, there's no construction taking place and valuations have plummeted, so all of the cities and counties relying on building permit fees and ...